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Services we offer

Rough  Carpentry ; Accurately "lay out " foundation,  Construct interior and exterior walls , exterior sheathing , Tyvek, Windows and Doors. Staircases.

Finish Carpentry: Base and casing trim,  Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Islands, Azek/Exotic decking, Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring, Jamb Extensions

Obtain Building Permit.

 Sub-contracting .   

No Middleman

We are carpenters, not salespeople. We don't have an "inhouse" sales team to do our bidding. We don't have a staff of designers in our office. 

    What we do is gather the necessary documents to obtain the building permit, and save you thousand$ of dollar$ in the process. Without the BIG CREW nonsense. Our professionals dedicate time to cleanliness, and precision. 


Let our expertise work for you. With almost 35 years in home construction, ,we have the confidence to get your project done above building standards.

Good, fast, cheap

Its been said, that in construction, there's Good ( as in quality), there's Fast (how quickly work is done) , and Cheap (price). You get two out of three.   

If you want Good and Fast it won't be cheap. 

If you want Good and Cheap it won't be Fast

And if you want Cheap and Fast it won't be any Good.